Matt Townsend and The Wonder of the World

by Matt Townsend and The Wonder of the World

“With the newest folk revival well upon us, it’s rare that any of it is actually good, and it’s even rarer to find it along with the heart and soul of Matt Townsend and the Wonder of the World" -Big Takeover Magazine

"This young man has to be one of my all time favorites. Lately I've found a few. But Matt has something that I think everyone's been looking for. Truth, beauty, peace, and enlightenment in his songs. They are mesmerizing. This is one album I can't stop listening to." -Nashville Music Guide

“A pure and heartfelt debut, Matt Townsend and The Wonder of the World is a delightful LP and a band to keep an eye on" -Hear Magazine

“Matt Townsend and The Wonder of the World are captivating, mysterious and thought-provoking.”

Matt Townsend and The Wonder of the World’s self-titled debut LP (Indie folk/Folk rock) is a lyrically driven album featuring 9 songs written by Matt Townsend. Some dressed in full band regalia, featuring swelling organs, ghostly musical saws, electric guitars, harmonies angelic; others more stripped down just words and voice, fingerpicked acoustics and ethereal violins.

The songs feature themes of loss and redemption, spiritual yearning, romantic longing, death, re-birth, freedom, alienation, gratitude and more.

The album was recorded at Chakra-5 studios, in Burlington, VT. Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Jamie Bright and featuring musicians from Burlington, VT, Asheville, NC and Boston, MA

"Griatitude in Being" Live @ Sherwoods Music via Mt. Xpress


Hey Friends!
We've had a lot of great reviews come in for the record so far!
The most recent was and interview with Under the Gun:

"With the official release of his forthcoming debut still three weeks away, we’re pleased to have had the opportunity to speak with Matt Townsend about his newest effort before the remainder of his year got inevitably far more busy.

Below, you can read our entire conversation as we discuss the impetus for his career in music, his impressive debut, and the talented friends and musicians that helped him realize his vision, Matt Townsend and The Wonder of the World."

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